George Cantalini<span>President</span>

George CantaliniPresident

When George thinks about his childhood community, it’s the after-school street hockey games that he remembers most. He and his friends never had to leave the neighbourhood for amusement, there were always interesting places to explore, and they always felt comfortable and safe. For George, this is what characterizes a great community: a place that provides its residents with amenities and attractions required for everyday living, and a place that people are proud to call home.

Leveraging his insightful nature, George sets strategic vision for Beaverbrook, identifies new development opportunities, and devises the financial strategies needed to make them happen. George’s charisma and strong financial background (as a chartered accountant) are what contribute to the great successes of the company. As the motivation and glue behind Beaverbrook’s team of professionals, George gives Beaverbrook’s partners peace of mind in ensuring the growth of their investments. A natural mentor with a knack for seeing past the impossible, George inspires his team in a collaborative effort to deliver great projects. Actively involved in his industry for 20 years, George lends his expertise to the Urban Development Institute executive committee as treasurer and board member, as well as to the Sanitary Sewer Strategies Fund Operational Committee.

Notable Achievements:

• Instrumental in the start-up of Dolce Vita Homes, one of the top home builders in the region.

• Involved in the transformation of Edmonton’s northwest creating Skyview, Carlton, Oxford and Hudson communities.

• Initiated planning and development of the Windermere area well before others could see the potential for housing in that part of Edmonton.

Jodie Wacko<span>Vice President, Development</span>

Jodie WackoVice President, Development

As Vice President, Development, Jodie is responsible for all aspects of the entitlement process. With over 15 years in urban planning, he has built up a thorough understanding of municipal approval processes. He has also acquired excellent communication skills as a consensus-builder between client, public and political interests. It’s this extensive experience that makes Jodie perfectly suited to his role here at Beaverbrook.

As a husband and father of two, Jodie’s work is guided by his belief that a good community is an organic one that changes over time, while always providing its members with a sense of security, safety and belonging.

Among his other professional affiliations, Jodie is involved with the Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP), the Alberta Community Planners (ACP) and the Urban Land Institute. He also served as an elected member of Edmonton’s Urban Development institute from 2005-2007 and continues to be involved in affordable housing and regionalization to this day.

Al Kulay<span>Construction Manager</span>

Al KulayConstruction Manager

Al has been in consulting engineering his entire career. He provides support and mentorship to project managers. His strong ability to communicate with multiple contractors and coordinate their activities ensures timely construction deadlines. Al also works with municipalities to pursue Construction Completion and Final Acceptance Certificates.

For Al, good communities have access to roadways that both vehicles and pedestrians can share.  He believes safety is key. That’s why he’s implementing a work health and safety program for Beaverbrook to keep employees educated on job safety standards.

Al’s notable achievements include a co-chairmanship of the NAIT Civil Engineering Industry Advisory Committee and being a part of the lead design team that designed and directed construction of Edmonton’s first and only master-planned freshwater lake community.

Katrina Rowe<span> Senior Project Manager</span>

Katrina Rowe Senior Project Manager

Katrina began her career in the real estate industry working with developers on both residential and commercial projects. She discovered she had an instinct for coming up with smart solutions and new ideas that helped make better communities. At Beaverbrook she oversees all aspects of a new community development from construction to sales, while working closely with our planners, engineers, and contractors.

As a mother of twins, Katrina sees a great community as one where families know each other and kids can play with their neighbours. Her belief that a community’s residents should look out for one another inspires her work with Beaverbrook and involvement with many volunteer organizations, including the WIN House Board (2010-2016) and CHBA Edmonton Board (2015-16).

Alessandra De Sousa<span>Project Manager</span>

Alessandra De SousaProject Manager

Growing up as a competitive athlete, Alessandra brings her teamwork mentality and hard work ethic to the Beaverbrook team. With two diplomas under her belt, Alessandra is currently working towards her degree in Business. At Beaverbrook, Alessandra pours her limitless passion and energy into her role as a Project Manager. She handles all stages of land development, and is also our in-house marketing guru thanks to her background in strategic marketing. Growing up in a tight-knit Italian home, Alessandra believes a community should be a place where kids can play street hockey, and run to the corner store for afternoon snacks.

She is proud that she can be a part of designing beautiful communities that families can thrive in. This passion is seen in her work with Beaverbrook and as a member of Edmonton’s New Horizons Committee, and Leduc’s UDI Committee.

Jesse LaFrance<span>Project Manager</span>

Jesse LaFranceProject Manager

A sense of community has always been important to Jesse; his fondest memory of his childhood community was riding his bike to school. After moving to Edmonton in 2010, Jesse took on the role of Director of Development for Edmonton’s Parkallen Community. Since his appointment, he has worked to ensure sustainable development for the community’s next generation.

With a background in finance, Jesse worked for a global winemaker and a boutique investment counseling firm before joining Beaverbrook. As a Project Manager, Jesse works on all stages of the land development process from planning through to construction and sales while working alongside our engineers, planners and contractors. Jesse believes in a progressive and forward-thinking approach to creating communities around Edmonton with Beaverbrook; communities that are perfect for riding your bike to school.

Darren Young<span>Assistant Project Manager</span>

Darren YoungAssistant Project Manager

As assistant project manager, Darren Young plays an integral role in implementing marketing campaigns, handling customer concerns, the preparation of financial statements and performing site visits. In short, he’s a great multitasker.

To Darren, community means waking up in the morning and waving “hello” to your neighbour as you pick up the morning newspaper. It’s about mutual respect and looking out for one another, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

His hard work, positive attitude and great organizational skills have not only made him a valued member of Beaverbrook, but has also lead to the creation of the University of Alberta Real Estate Club.

Kai Choi<span>Accountant</span>

Kai ChoiAccountant

After 15 years of working in finance on the international level, Kai Choi and his family chose to make their home in Canada. Here he pursued his Certified General Accountant training and decided to put his considerable talents to work in the Land Development industry.

Kai defines ‘community’ as a safe place where his family can feel comfortable. His passion for creating the kind of communities he loves are what make him a role model at Beaverbrook and an essential part of our team.

Lois Mattison<span>Office Administrator</span>

Lois MattisonOffice Administrator

Lois is instrumental in supporting the Beaverbrook community as the company’s office administrator. Drawing on over twenty-nine years of office experience, she helps families and buyers secure lots by tracking and reconciling vital documents. She intuitively identifies opportunities to help out, and never hesitates to lend a hand. It’s Lois who keeps everyone at Beaverbrook organized and on track every day.

For Lois, a good community is a group of family, friends and neighbours who come together to help and support one another while enjoying life together.

Tamara Mitro<span>Administrative Assistant</span>

Tamara MitroAdministrative Assistant

Tamara has made herself an essential part of the Beaverbrook team, by devoting her attention to accounts payable, office administration, and keeping the rest of the office in line. Her willingness to support her co-workers and her ability to stay open to new ideas and suggestions is what sets her apart. Tamara’s strong organizational skills help keep the team functioning in a timely and efficient manner daily. Her considerable experience in the development industry doesn’t hurt either.

Tamara believes a great community is a safe place for families, where everything you need is within walking distance and where kids can ride bikes until the street lights come on.

Steven Ewaskiw<span>Project Controller</span>

Steven EwaskiwProject Controller

Growing up in a community where he could walk to the ice rink with his dad helped to form some of Steven’s fondest childhood memories. Now, Steven brings his love for well planned communities, along with strong technical savvy and natural leadership skills to the team at Beaverbrook. As Project Controller and a designated Chartered Accountant,  Steven works to manage all things finance and accounting related for all Beaverbrook projects. Steven believes that a good community should be safe, comfortable and truly feel like home and he is a true advocate of teamwork and positive leadership.

When he’s not working, Steven believes in paying it forward. He sits on the board of YESS – Youth Empowerment & Support Services and also works as a volunteer coach at Edmonton’s South Side Athletic Club, coaching club hockey and, no matter how busy, Steven tries to get a game of shinny in every now and then.

Roxanne Ren<span>Accountant</span>

Roxanne RenAccountant

For Roxanne, a community is a place where you can leave your door unlocked, where you can consider your neighbours, friends. She remembers growing up in such a community, where children played and adults gathered to talk and share funny stories.

Now, as an adult, Roxanne brings her fondness for community living, and her patient and friendly demeanour, to her role as an accountant on the Beaverbook team. Along with the company controller, Roxanne helps to keep the Beaverbrook finance team on track, preparing financial statements, analyzing reports for investors and project managers, and reviewing the work of the accounts payable and accounts receivable teams.

In her free time, Roxanne is an avid traveller, having visited a number of Asian cities including Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. She also feels it is important to use her skills to help her community – volunteering to help families with modest incomes prepare their income tax filings.

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George Cantalini<span>President</span> George CantaliniPresident
Jodie Wacko<span>Vice President, Development</span> Jodie WackoVice President, Development
Al Kulay<span>Construction Manager</span> Al KulayConstruction Manager
Katrina Rowe<span> Senior Project Manager</span> Katrina Rowe Senior Project Manager
Alessandra De Sousa<span>Project Manager</span> Alessandra De SousaProject Manager
Jesse LaFrance<span>Project Manager</span> Jesse LaFranceProject Manager
Darren Young<span>Assistant Project Manager</span> Darren YoungAssistant Project Manager
Kai Choi<span>Accountant</span> Kai ChoiAccountant
Lois Mattison<span>Office Administrator</span> Lois MattisonOffice Administrator
Tamara Mitro<span>Administrative Assistant</span> Tamara MitroAdministrative Assistant
Steven Ewaskiw<span>Project Controller</span> Steven EwaskiwProject Controller
Roxanne Ren<span>Accountant</span> Roxanne RenAccountant
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