New Communities in Spruce Grove

Iconic brownstone style is present in Spruce Grove.  The striking community of Greenbury stands out with its New York inspired brownstowne and a diverse streetscape. Green living is also at the heart of Greenbury. The community prides itself on incorporating green practices into every aspect of community life. Living in Greenbury also means that your kids are of walking distance to the future Prescott K-9 School. In Greenbury, brownstone style and sustainable design combine to make a community that’s cutting edge.

Brownstone Style

Greenbury’s brownstones are iconic, timeless, and built-to-last. You won’t find brownstone style like this anywhere else in Spruce Grove. You’d have to travel to New York to come close.

Green Living

Being green is what being in Greenbury is all about. Sustainable features are incorporated into all aspects of community life to ensure the greenest possible community.

Jubilee Park

New York has Central Park and Spruce Grove has Jubilee Park. On any evening or weekend, Jubilee Park is filled with joggers, a half-dozen pick-up-games, and plenty of family picnics.

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