Lot Hold Policy

Public Lot Hold Policy+

Phone Beaverbrook at 780-484-4389 to put a lot on hold.

Your lot will be held for 7 days.

Beaverbrook will prepare a Lot Purchase Agreement. You must complete the agreement and provide a 20% deposit for the total price of the lot within the 7 day period.

Remaining balance is due in 90 days.

To Challenge a Lot Put on Hold+

Provide Beaverbrook with a 20% deposit of the total lot price.
Beaverbrook will notify the current lot holder. The current lot holder will be given 48 hours (not including weekends or statutory holidays) to complete the Lot Purchase Agreement and provide his 20% deposit or release the lot.

If the current lot holder releases the lot, the challenger will be required to complete a Lot Purchase Agreement.

Note: The Lot Hold Policy varies from community to community.

Security Deposits

Important information about Landscaping and Architectural Deposits and Security Deposits.

Lots Purchased from a builder+

If you have purchased a lot from a builder, your builder holds your landscaping, architectural, and security deposit. You must contact your builder to arrange a Final Inspection.

Once your Final Inspection is complete and approved, your builder will contact the developer for release of funds.

Your builder has access to the Architectural Guidelines for your area. In addition, they are available online on each community’s respective website.

Lots Purchased Directly from Beaverbrook+

If you purchased a lot directly from the developer, Beaverbrook holds your deposit.

Your deposit is comprised of two parts: (1) a portion is held for damages to community infrastructure (security) and (2) a portion is held for complying with the architectural and landscaping guidelines specific to your area.

These amounts are specified in your Lot Purchase Agreement.

Once you complete the landscaping in accordance with the guidelines, you will need to arrange a final inspection. This can be arranged by contacting the architectural consultant representing the respective community. Contact information can be found in the architectural guidelines directory.

A copy of the approved Final Inspection needs to be emailed to [email protected]. The landscaping/architectural portion of your deposit will be refunded if both items are in compliance. All refunds are processed once per month. It is important that you include your mailing address with the final inspection.

The security portion of your deposit is held until the developer receives a Final Acceptance Certificate from the municipality.

This process will take a minimum of two years from the original date of road construction, and can take as long as four years to get the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) list that outlines any damages deemed “Builder Damages.”

Builder Damages are damages that occurred to infrastructure after the lot was purchased, including, but not limited to: cracked sidewalk panels / chipped or gouged curb or sidewalk / water cc bent, cracked or buried.

It is the responsibility of the builder and/or homeowner to ensure that the lot is free of infrastructure damages at the time of lot purchase. Infrastructure damages that occur after the lot is purchased are the responsibility of the builder/ homeowner. This is outlined in the standard terms and conditions that accompany your purchase Agreement. Once the FAC report is processed, any damage repair costs are then deducted from your security deposit, and the balance will be refunded. If the report indicates that there are no Builder Damages for your lot, the entire security deposit will be refunded. The most recent address will be used for this refund.

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